Empowering informal workers through technology and financial inclusion

Why the informal sector?

Ninety percent of new jobs created in Africa are in the informal sector, accounting for 80% of the continent's employment. By 2050, over 1 billion people are expected to enter the working-age population in Africa. In order to ensure that both businesses and individuals have sufficient resources to sustainably grow their livelihoods and businesses, Fixa seeks to empower informal workers through technology and financial inclusion.

There are over 300 million workers in Africa's informal labor market. Informal workers are individuals who don't have formal employment contracts, and are unregulated and untaxed, which leads to both short-term and long-term limited access to capital and social protection.

Through our efforts, we have created over 4,000 digital career identities for frontline workers, enabling them to grow their careers and access additional opportunities. Fixa's solution promotes sustainable economic growth for all, with a focus on reducing inequality. We are working to achieve SDGs 1 and 8 by providing access to stable employment and promoting decent work and economic growth. Additionally, Fixa is advancing SDG 10 by empowering informal workers and reducing inequality through technology and financial inclusion.

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