Connecting youth with stable jobs

We believe in a world where everyone has access to decent work and stable income.

Fixa offers

1. Stable Jobs
2. Career Identities
3. Social protection

Fixa is making a difference in Africa’s informal workforce

80% of Africa’s informal workforce is informally employed making over 300 million temporary workers who are unregistered, unregulated and untaxed.

Source workers

We work with local police, vocational schools and coorperatives to screen workers before they join Fixa.

Match with decent jobs

We match workers with longterm jobs and provide access health insurance, microloans and lifetime saving schemes.

Create career identities

We track skills development of workers allowing us to produce accessible profiles to all our workers.

We are a mission to connect 100 million jobs by 2030

Workers Onboarded

Jobs connected to date

What people are saying about us

Claire Akamanzi

CEO, Rwanda Development Board

Fixa is on a mission to make the gig economy more transparent and efficient in Rwanda. RDB is proud to partner and support them on this mission to mobilize artisans and equip them with the necessary skills they need to secure more job opportunities

Ndekezi Marifa

CEO, Institute for Leadership and Strategy

Fixa has one of the most comprehensive workforce development programs. The competitive recruitment process bottlenecks the best talent, and the on-site apprenticeship prepares youths for the job market in an unparalleled way. Fixa is investing in young people's skills and making those skills accessible nationwide through the Fixa platform

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