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Fixa offers a proven HRMS for managing temporary workers at scale
We are excited to offer businesses with an HRMS tailored to managing and empowering temporary workers
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Ninety percent of new jobs created in Africa are in the informal sector, accounting for 80% of the continent's employment. By 2050, over 1 billion people are expected to enter the working-age population in Africa. To ensure that both businesses and individuals have sufficient resources to grow their livelihoods and businesses sustainably, Fixa is digitizing employment of temporary workers allowing them to have digital career identities, unlocking career growth and access to financial and social benefits.
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We are the catalyst for empowering informal workers and businesses, unlocking their potential through digital transformation and fostering financial inclusion.
Source and screen workers
We work with local partners, including vocational schools, cooperatives, and police, to onboard and vet workers at scale.
Match workers with on-demand jobs
While covering employer obligations, including health and workmanship insurance and tax contributions.
Create verifiable career identities for workers
We have set up proprietary data pipelines to track skills development and work history of workers, allowing us to produce accessible profiles for all our workers.
Welcome, here's a little snapshot about us...
Established in 2022 and running strong
6,000+ Workers onboarded
250,000+ Work Shifts connected
Unlocking the potential of informal workers and businesses through digital transformation and economic inclusion.
Fixa is an end-to-end staffing platform. We use our technology to source, vet and deploy on-demand workers to businesses with speed and scale. Each job connected through Fixa comes with a decent wage, tax contributions, and is fully insured to protect the worker.
We are the bridge that links informal workers with formal job opportunities, enabling them to transition towards more stable and secure livelihoods.
We go beyond the basics of manpower delivery to businesses. Fixa leverages partnerships and technology to connect frontline workers with available jobs while allowing them to build verified career identities. Each job connected through Fixa comes with a decent wage, tax contributions, and full insurance to protect the worker.
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